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Hypnosis is a voluntary, participatory, altered state of altered consciousness. 


Anyone and everyone, if they are open to the experience, willing to use and push their imagination, and willing to follow simple suggestions can be hypnotized. 


As well, anyone, if they do not wish to “go under”, can prevent themselves from going into hypnosis. 


I have the luxury of knowing that clients do not seek me out, schedule a session with me, and come to me “not wanting” to go under hypnosis.


At times, everyone enters a light level of hypnosis, and on a regular basis, without realizing it. 

(i.e. — while driving, while watching a movie, while daydreaming, etc.).


*Note: Being under the influence of “Party drugs” (mind-altering substances) may influence the depth and/or duration of the hypnotic trance state. 


Though I have no judgment about whether you may like to “party”, I do ask that you do not bring illegal substances to my location. 


If you have the desire or need to be in that “party” mindset, you may arrive that way. I do, however, ask your understanding that at times, these substances do inhibit one’s ability to go into deep levels of hypnosis. If you’re OK with that, I have no judgment about what you choose. 


Again, I ask that you please NOT bring ANY illegal substance to my location – Much appreciated.


There are three components necessary for successful hypnotic trance to occur


1. The client must have the desire to enter the hypnotic state.

2. The client must agree to use and push his imagination.

3. The client must agree to follow simple suggestions (i.e. — close your eyes, take a breath, exhale, relax your body, etc. to the “T”), no matter how childish or redundant/repetitious these suggestions may seem.


If you possess those three components – you WILL go into hypnosis. 


I have full faith in my ability to hypnotize


I am always successful. Some clients go very deep, others enter light levels, and still others mid-range.


No need to worry about “going under”. Let me handle that – It is what I do best.


Note: You will always come away from the session remembering the entire Hypno-Erotic Fantasy session and feeling rested, refreshed, satisfied, fulfilled, in a state of appreciation, and feeling as if the fantasy was a reality.

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