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Should you not see your city posted in my travel calendar, kindly contact me, letting me know your location, and  ask me about my future travel plans.


I travel to most major cities both within the U.S., the UK, and the EU. The 

As well, I am available to travel to your city specifically upon request for multiple hours/days sessions.


Once my travel dates and destination cities have been to my calendar here, you can be assured that I’m already accepting appointments there. 


It is common that I am heavily booked just prior to my departure for a destination city, therefore I not only welcome, but encourage advance appointments. Scheduling in advance guarantees for you, a session for the duration of time that you’d like, and on the day/date/time which is most desirable to you. 


Please note that my posted travel dates are subject to adjustment/tweaking. At times, I need to increase the number of days in a particular city due to the high-demand of session requests. I do not make travel reservations until just a few days prior to the actual travel dates to avoid costly cancellation/change fees with airlines and hotels. 


I always send all scheduled clients my hotel location as soon as I make my reservation. As well, I will send them my room number once I’ve checked in. 


Please feel free to look over your calendar and request an appointment with me at any time. When you request an appointment, kindly include the desired days, dates, times you prefer, as well as the duration you’d like for your session, and include as much contact information as you can. Our mutual exchange of phone numbers allows for real-time text messages regarding your session, should the need arise, while I’m in your city. 


Please remember - Advance booking is not only welcome, it assures you a confirmed session at the time of your liking as well as for the duration of time you’d like.


Note: I’m a very early to bed, and early to rise, kind of guy. I’m always fresh, rested, clear, focused, and prepared for my clients. When requesting an appointment time, you may request a start-time as early as you like. Consequently, I discourage late-night sessions.


As early mornings are best for me, this is the time I choose to handle correspondence. As well, I’m usually in session, whether therapeutic or Hypno-Erotic at various times during the day. During this time, my phone is off or silent, and I’m not able to access emails, website correspondence, and text messages. I will never ignore you and am always excited to hear from you.


Once again, kindly be sure include your telephone number with your appointment request in order that we may be in real time contact regarding your session, should the need arise, while I’m in your city. I am very respectful and discreet.


I highly recommend a minimum 2-hour appointment for first-time Hypno-Erotic clients, in order that we have sufficient time for the following 10 itemized aspects of a typical Hypno-Erotic Fantasy Session. As well, it the 2-hour session allows plenty of time for a great fantasy experience.

 Longer sessions are commonly booked, and always very welcomed.

  1. Brief Discussion

    1. Allows some time for us to develop rapport, a strong level of trust and become comfortable with each other.

    2. Allows you the time to express any and all your desires/cravings/wishes/needs/fantasies/limits

    3. Allows a bit of time for me explain the hypnotic processes, dispelling any myths, clearing up any misconceptions you may have, and answer any remaining questions, should you have any, enabling you to “go under” easily and effortlessly”.

    4. Allows time for us to discuss your fantasy(s), as well as your turn-ons, turn-offs, and limits. This enable me to be “On Target” in facilitating your Hypno-Erotic Fantasy, bringing you to the epitome of your desired mind-set.

NOTE: My experience and expertise allows for you to go into the process calmly, feeling safe and cared for, being relaxed and comfortable with me, with great excitement and anticipation.

  1. Hypnotic Exercises

    1. Allows me to understand the way you process/imagine – whether you are more visual, auditory, kinesthetic, or a combination of the three – Enables me to use the best approach for bringing YOU under hypnosis.

    2. Allows you to witness your physiology responding subconsciously to my hypnotic suggestions without your conscious thought or intent, further setting the stage, and paving the way for a great Hypno-Erotic Fantasy Session.


  1. Induction


  1. Deepening


  1. Regression (if desired)


  1. Scene Setting


  1. Fantasy Tweaking


  1. The Fantasy Itself — “Ultimate Sensual/Erotic Sensations/Experiences


  1. A few moments of relaxation


  1. Dehypnotization


When you message me regarding the scheduling of a Hypno-Erotic Fantasy Session, please let me know days/dates/times of your availability while I’m in Miami or in your city. I will reply as soon as I can with an appointment as close to your desired time as I can.

*NOTE: It is important that you give me an approximate time of day and not ask when I’m available. My calendar is dynamic (every-changing), and me knowing your desired/available time slots allows for more effective scheduling.

Please allow me a bit of time to respond, as I am in session quite often (phone is always off during sessions), and I travel extensively. As well, I always make it a point to give well, thought out concise replies. Doing so requires that I take the time to focus on your email and/or text and am sure to address all your questions and concerns.

You will notice that I send correspondence early mornings when I’m clear and focused.

I am always available to speak by phone regarding your appointment. It is not necessary but may prove to be a meaningful step in developing a mutual level of trust, as well as becoming comfortable with each other prior to the hypnosis process. Please keep in mind that I see clients (traditional as well as Hypno-Erotic) daily, and again, that my phone is always off during sessions.


If you like, kindly send me a text, and I will return your call as soon as I can. It is best for me to speak between the hours of 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. EST


Once you’ve booked a session I will email, and if you like, I will send you a “Hypno-Erotic Questionnaire”. This is meant to serve as Pre-Session “foreplay, and NOT as an assignment. It gives me a bit of background about you, allowing me to arrive at our session with a bit of understanding about what “makes you tick” erotically.


The questionnaire is NOT required and is NOT AT ALL meant to be intrusive. You may feel free to answer any and all questions, or you may feel free to skip any questions that you wish, or skip the entire process.


 Some clients like to write in-depth, others answer questions with short, concise responses. Whether you are brief or lengthy in your style, please know that I read ALL which you write.





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