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Many of my current clients, as well as my prospective clients enjoy Hypno-Erotic Phone sessions with me for several reasons.


Some of these reasons are:


  • You are not into “meeting” someone new. Not into investing:

    • Travel Time

    • Time Getting to know each other

    • Time possibly wasted, finding out that you have no chemistry, or the guy is nothing like they portrayed themselves to be

  • You just want to have a secret/private/anonymous/hot/erotic encounter in the privacy of your own home or space – not having to prepare, travel, etc., and having no jitters about meting someone new

  • You need control and/or humiliation, degradation, adoration, worship, or WHATEVER it is you fantasize about, have a fetish for, crave, desire, or need – And you need it NOW – Quick / Easy / Fulfilling

  • When you’re STRAIGHT, and only curious (not wanting actual man/man physicality), but you so-desire to have your secret fetishes/desires/needs met, having a phenomenal, over-the-top encounter, fulfilling all these needs/cravings/desires, secretly, discreetly, and privately, without the aftermath of guilt, anxiety, and all the other unwanted residual emotions which may follow.

  • For many straight men, this is very new territory, and many prefer to take a gingerly path to satisfy their cravings/fetishes/desires/fantasies and needs.

  • You’re STRAIGHT and/or married and simply won’t risk exposure/being outed/getting caught.

    • STRAIGHT/Bi and/or Married men find this the perfect modality where they can safely, just let go with a man, and not have the anxiety of having any negative residual feelings of guilt, and/or have a quick/hot/discreet/secret/private release in their own space when the wife or partner is not around

  • You’re a TOTAL TOP – (you know the domineering, controlling guy who would never allow himself to be the submissive) Here- YOU DESIGN YOUR OWN FANTASY– FEEL WHAT IT’S LIKE TO BE THE VICTIM OF YOUR MOST TWISTED FANTASIES – FEEL WHAT IT’S LIKE TO BE THE VICTIM OF YOURSELF – OR MAKE ME YOUR VICTIM – UFFFF!

  • As a “foreplay” session to an upcoming, in-person Hypno-Erotic Fantasy Session

  • In between “In-Person” Hypno-Erotic Fantasy Sessions

  • You’re not in my area, but you need your desires and needs fulfilled (I have many international clients).

  • You just need to TOTALLY LET GO – LET LOOSE – BE WHATEVER YOU CRAVE/NEED/DESIRE TO BE –  A NEW EXPERIENCE YOU NEVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE – While, all the time, remaining completely anonymous – Woof- Is that an erotic experience in itself!

  • You just need a professional to talk to – A professional who has no judgement – a professional to whom you can ask/tell anything discreetly, secretly, anonymously. I know that here are so many of you who just don’t have anyone to talk to – Anyone to tell your secrets to. I am kind and a very good listener. Clients always feel better after a session.


There are so many other reasons – I could go on and on about them, but I won’t. You have your reasons, and that is all that matters.


During Hypno-Erotic Phone Sessions, as during In-Person Hypno-Erotic Fantasy Sessions, I am always respectful of limits. I am as mild or as wild as you crave/desire/need. I am your FANTASY!  I’ve come to learn that it is much easier for some guys, as a first experience, to “let go”, “let loose”, “push his limits”, or “have no limits” during a Hypno-Erotic Phone Sessions.


Both the Hypno-Erotic In-Person Session and the Hypno-Erotic Phone Session modalities are very therapeutic. There is an amazing release of unwanted, pent-up anxiety/inhibition, accompanied by a feeling of peaceful, relaxed, calm and fulfillment.


Many clients have repeat Hypno-Erotic Phone Sessions before, in between, and/or after In-Person Hypno-Erotic Fantasy Sessions. Others prefer the detached safety of self-fulfillment strictly within the Hypno-Erotic Phone Session modality. It’s your choice, and oh man, do I have something for YOU to choose from! 


As an aside, many clients who begin as Hypo-Erotic Fantasy Session clients, both phone and in-person, continue with me as “traditional” clients working on goals such as increased motivation/focus, weight loss, smoking cessation, phobias, PTSD, etc., having an erotic twist to each therapeutic session. A level of trust and intimacy is developed through the Hypno-Erotic Fantasy Session.


Hypno-Erotic Phone Sessions basically unfold in the same manner as do In-Person Hypno-Erotic Fantasy Sessions. The difference being, phone sessions have no physical interaction.




  • The client contacts me via email or text and we set up a date, time, and duration for their Hypno-Erotic Phone Session.

  • Once the appointment has been made, I send a PayPal funds transfer request to the client’s email. See Fee structure above for pricing – Phone sessions are always prepaid using PayPal. Using PayPal always allows the client to use his desired method of payment anonymously and discreetly. Identities/banking information are NOT exchanged via PayPal).

  • After receiving the funds, and at the designated time for our Hypno-Erotic Phone Session, I call the client and begin the session.

  • The client is ready in a private, quiet, comfortable space – wearing whatever turns him on. He has nearby any “supplies” he may need for his fantasy. The exhibitionist client positions himself in a conspicuous but safe location – these clients love the feeling of possibly being caught. Clients who enjoy public/humiliation/degradation/human urinal type fantasies bring themselves to a hot public location such as a public bathroom, etc. where they are hypnotized, and controlled by me, having to perform for me, you know, being controlled to do “nasty”, “disgusting”, “repulsive” in the public’s eye” type behaviors – Super Hot!

  • The Hypno-Erotic Phone Session is Erotic from the get-go. At the onset, we have an initial conversation (this is very erotic in itself) where the client asks/tells me anything at all. Remember -- all desires, ages, and acts are legal in fantasy. I bring no judgement, and very much enjoy taboo/socially unacceptable fantasies with clients. Just when I think I’ve heard everything – A new client with an incredibly unusual fantasy finds his way to me and blows me away. I love what I do – Sharing in the client’s most forbidden desires/needs.

  • When I have a full grasp of the clients desired mind-set, I put him under hypnosis.

  • The client is then controlled by me (I “become” whatever it is he desires/needs). I control him in whichever manner he desires – bringing him to the epitome of his desired mind-set.

  • As the end of the session nears, the client is brought to a phenomenal BLOW YOUR MIND/BLOW YOUR LOAD finale.

  • Client is de-hypnotized, and the session is over.



Closing Conversation / Processing

The first words out of the mouth of the client, upon returning to full waking consciousness is always, “WOW”, or “OH MY GOD”.

As well, clients express that there are no words to describe the experience.

Many clients return or schedule phone sessions with me, for a similar, or completely different successive Hypno-Erotic Fantasy Experience.

Others to work on other goals such as insomnia, anxiety, weight loss, depression, focus, smoking cessation, phobias, PTSD, etc. (This can be achieved in either completely therapeutic sessions or Hypno-Erotic/Therapeutic.

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