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I am a professional hypnotherapist, classically trained, having many years of experience with a background in psychology, sex therapy as well as hypnotherapy. I have both a traditional practice as well as a leading-edge (out-of-the-box) practice.


My Focus/Scope of Practice:


  • Sexual Orientation

  • Sexual Obsession/Compulsion/Addiction

  • Gender Identity *This is no longer considered a disorder

  • Kink

  • Fetish

  • Fantasy


I see patients/clients within my traditional practice as well as within Hypno-Erotic Fantasy practice.


I’ve found that living out one’s deepest/darkest/kinky, and/or most Twisted desires is actually quite therapeutic allowing a sense of calm and accomplishment as under HYPNOSIS, the fantasy is lived “AS REALITY”.


Many of my Hypno-Erotic Fantasy Session clients have successive/additional sessions, both in-person as well as phone sessions to work on other goals and/or resolve other issues they may have. Having first developed a rapport, a level of trust, and experienced a close intimate encounter, clients are easily able to trust me and open up, enabling a “cut to the chase” approach. With one’s traditional therapy sessions, this takes a great deal of time to develop — at times it doesn’t happen. 




I’m a mature (54), very sane, masculine, fit, educated, kind, caring, hung 8.5” thick man’s man, being 5’10” and weighing approximately 160 pounds. Whether or not I’m “your exact type” is not super-important. Clients come to me for “The Hypno-Erotic Fantasy Experience”. During your “Your Experience” you may perceive me as any “type”, “age”, or even “gender” you wish. Such are the pleasures derived from the many “bells and whistles” I have in my “Hypno bag of tricks” to use on you while you’re under hypnosis. I do encourage clients to come to me for “The Unique Experience” I offer you. If you’re very desirous of someone being smooth or hairy, cut or uncut, blonde, brunette, or redhead, etc., I’d like you to know that under hypnosis, you will perceive me as such.

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