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Sessions in Miami

I live in a 5-Star high rise, on the Ocean in Miami.

My home is upscale, immaculate, private, and discreet.


Sessions in a Destination City

My hotel of choice is always a 4 or 5-Star Hotel located centrally in the downtown area of a major city, chosen for your discretion, comfort, and accessibility.



I always provide the most upscale and hygienic setting/surroundings. Be assured that all devices/implements/instruments which may be used during the fantasy session have been sanitized and sterilized with the proper anti-bacterial solutions, and/or alcohol for your safety and protection.


Keep in mind that the sessions I provide do live up to the standard of being among the most ultimate sensual/erotic fantasy experiences possible.


Whether you come to my home or my hotel, I ask that you be so kind as to adhere the following:


You are of legal age

You are discreet when conducting yourself in my complex, home, or my hotel

You are respectful of me, my home, and/or my hotel

You arrive clean and open-minded, not in possession of illegal substances


I follow the same professional protocol with Hypno-Erotic Fantasy Sessions as I do with traditional sessions within my practice.


Please be assured that you are in the hands of a very sane, kind, caring, and experienced professional who will care for you. One who has a non-judgmental approach, and who brings no agenda to your sessions.


The Hypnotic Process begins only once the client is comfortable with me as well as the process, and we’ve developed a level of trust.


I’m always successful in putting my clients at ease. I very much enjoy facilitating and participating in the unfolding of your fantasy – Whether vanilla/light/ mild/intense/twisted/bizarre or a combination Thereof.


Remember – All ages and all acts are legal in fantasy.


You must however, be of legal age.


NOTE: Sessions do NOT have to be “Kinky” or “Twisted” to be erotic. Vani

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